Tumi Ishi Wooden Balancing Rocks


A new take on the classic wooden building blocks! 

These Tumi Ishi wooden balancing rocks are becoming an iconic game for children of all ages, even adults. The concept originates from Japan - the name 'tumi ishi' is Japanese for 'piled stones.' It's sort of debatable where the idea came from, but they undoubtedly are a lot of fun!


They are challenging to stack, as they have so many sides and require the collect balancing, and a few tries to get it just right. They encourage problem-solving skills, out of the box thinking and boost the creativity of the userEach 'rock' is unique and made of high-quality wood, with a non-toxic color finishing.


If you're looking for something relaxing, challenging, and interesting to do (or to find for your children to do), these wooden stones are exactly what you need. They also make a great gift for anyone that you're not really sure what to get them.


You can also use them as decoration. Stack them on your dining room table, put them in a glass dish or arrange around on your coffee table. Get your set today and watch guests oooh and aah (while trying not to play with them).


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