Baby Shower Cap

This Baby Shower Cap will change your child's showers forever!

We all know, that babies and toddlers don't like water being poured on their head and face. Water and shampoo tend to get into their eyes very easily. But those problems are in the past! The baby shower cap is here to save the day!


The baby shower cap keeps soap and shampoo out of your kid's eyes!


  • The Sunflower shower cap has adjustable buttons to fit your baby's or toddler's head
  • Watertight seal
  • Made of soft rubber foam
  • Can be used for newborns to approximately 6-year old kids
  • Size: 40cm / 15.74 inches
  • Colors available: Blue, Yellow

The Baby shower cap is incredibly valuable, as this batch accessory is a really clever and fun way to wash your baby's hair and head, without inflicting your baby any unwanted discomfort. 

The Baby Shower Cap gently grips around your baby's head and acts as an umbrella. It will not let any soapy water pour into your baby's eyes. 

BABY SHOWER CAP WILL MAKE BATH TIME SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE for you and for your little one! Fewer worries and more enjoyment! 



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