Star Marker - Outline drawing pen (12 pcs)

Do you or your little one just love drawing and writing? 

✨You will love our STAR MARKER, the one-of-a-kind highlighting marker-style drawing pen. ✨

✨Extravagance when drawing, writing and painting: Star Marken pens displays 2 colors with one stroke. When applied, the ink naturally separates and creates colorful outlining detail. 

📓Perfect for a wide variety of writing projects, journaling, school work, and even more! Add some pizazz to your hand lettering and art projects with bright, beautiful details. 

🌏🌿Non-toxic & Fast drying INK: You can draw with peace of mind knowing that these markers are made with environmentally-friendly and non-toxic ink. Plus it dries fast to avoid smudging and adheres strongly to the page! 

Easy to use: Easy seal cap makes sure the tip doesn't dry out. Just make sure to cap the markers immediately after using them. TIP: Press the tip down a few times and ink will come out! 


  • Ergonomically shaped (comfortable in the hand)
  • non-toxic (xylene-free)
  • Unique outline design
  • suitable for ALL DIY projects
  • easy to use


  • QTY: 12 PCs
  • Pack material: PVC, PP
  • Pen size: 13.5 cm; 3 cm / 4,9 inch; 1,9 inch
  • Package: 1 set of Star Markers


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