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Child Seat Opener

Mint Green
Flamingo Pink


Unbuckling Your Child From Their Car Seat Became Easier Than Ever!

Child Seat Opener is a new simple solution to unfasten your child's car seat. Pressing the red release button can be tricky, as it requires a lot of pressure on a small point. With the Child Seat Opener, you can use the force of your whole hand, instead of trying to press the button with one finger - making the unbuckling quick & easy

The Child Seat Opener is perfect for anyone struggling with arthritis, carpal tunnel problems, muscle or joint disorders, have arthritis, or simply has a hard time trying to unfasten that child seat buckle.

Using the product: Simply put the seat buckle in the middle opening of the product, between two parts. Make sure the thicker part is facing the red button. Afterward, just squeeze with one or both hands, while pulling out the buckles.



The opener has an easy-release chain, so you can hook it to your bag, purse, keychain, or somewhere in the car to be easily accessible next time you have to unbuckle your little one in a rush.

*The Child Seat Opener was tested on every car seat on the market and it worked with ease!





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