POLICE Truck - Piggy Bank

 Let saving become fun!

The POLICE Truck is a piggy bank in the form of an armored police car, with all coins and bills that will be securely protected with a password. The car actually lights up and sounds like a real police car whenever you deposit bills or coins! These fun features make good motivations for your children to save money and practice financial stability!


The Truck is password-protected. This makes it so much harder for sticky fingers that want to take what isn't theirs! It also is a more effective way of learning the value of money as you can't just take it whenever you please. 


  • AUTOMATIC: The POLICE Truck "eats up" your bills cleanly. Just make sure to use bills that aren't too soft or old! There is also a slot on the top of the car that you can use to drop your coins in. 

  • SECURE: POLICE Truck is password-protected! The default password is 0000, but the password can be easily reset by holding the (*) button and entering a new one. Forgotten your password? No problem. The password reverts to 0000 every time you restart the device! 

  • FUN: Who wouldn't want a savings bank like this? The POLICE Truck is shaped like an armored police car and can even be rolled around like a real toy car! It also has fun sirens that flash whenever you deposit more bills or coins. Your children are going to be so motivated to save as much money as they can! 


  • Measurement: 11.81 x 5.11 x 5.91" (29 x 13 x 15cm) 
  • Material: Plastic




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