Sensory Pencil Grip

Have you noticed that your little one holds their pencil with 4 fingers wrapped up the barrel of the pencil, and their thumb is pressed straight into the pencil? This grasp could be an early sign of Autism. It's commonly known that kids generally have weaker fingers, and need as much help when it comes to holding a pencil, that they can get! 

Most children naturally develop a pencil grip that is comfortable for them, but that doesn't mean that the grip is perfect, as it can lead to further problems in the future such as difficulty writing legibly, at a reasonable speed or complaints of a sore or tired hand when writing. 

If such an awkward grip pattern becomes a habit it is more difficult to change later. Out Sensory Pencil Grip is the perfect learning tool to support the process of change. 

Encourage your child to hold her pencil in a way that allows her hand and fingers to move freely and easily with our Sensory Pencil Grip when writing or drawing. 

Our Sensory Writing corrector has many benefits: 

  • Innovative pencil grip with two openings for index finger and thumb
  • Aids with the correct writing position
  • Works well for younger children with a poor understanding of how to hold a pencil
  • Cleverly designed U shape to provide support and guidance for the second finger
  • Perfect for kids with autism or even arthritis
  • Actively correcting the angle of writing

"But does it matter if my child doesn't have the perfect pencil grip?"

Lylah Clarke, developmental pediatrician:

"I get asked this question a lot by parents – “Does it really matter if my child doesn’t have the perfect pencil grip – I never did – I still don’t, and it hasn’t done me any harm”. But generally, on further discussion, it appears that they may have not come out as unscathed as they initially thought. Most will concede to having a sore hand when required to write more than a few sentences, – and that’s if you can read those sentences, as they continue to describe their handwriting as anything from – “not that neat” to “terrible”, “atrocious” even “Illegible”. So what initially appeared to “not do any harm” has, in fact, had a reasonably significant (negative) impact on their writing history." 


  • Suitable for ordinary pencils, watercolor pens, crayons, gel pens.
  • Can be used with the right or left hand effectively.
  • Suitable for children aged 3 - 13
  • Prevention of the thumb and forefinger from crossing, prevent mistakes and effectively correct children's writing skills



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