Grape Cutter

Eliminate the Risk of Children Choking on Whole Grapes By Quartering Them.

This Grape Cutter will make the task of cutting and chopping fast, easy, and enjoyable! Every piece of fruit or veggies is evenly cut and perfectly shaped! No more struggling with knives trying to cut and dice your food to perfect pieces.

“Certain foods pose a hazard, as young children are less likely to chew them properly and they can easily get lodged in the airway. For kids ages 2 to 5, the best solution is to chop foods into smaller pieces, until you are sure that your child can chew the food.” -Hansa Bhargava, MD, an expert pediatrician at WebMD


blus baby boutique grape cutter


Sharp, serrated, stainless steel blades slice through grapes, cherry tomatoes, or even olives in seconds. Specially designed finger rest allows comfort, even after long use. It’s easy to clean and store, BPA Free and dishwasher safe.


blus baby boutique grape cutter


Grapes have high water content and help hydrate your child. They also regularize his bowel movement, are anti-inflammatory, and alleviate the symptoms of allergy.”



  • Quick & Easy Cutting
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to Clean (Dishwasher Safe)
  • Snap-On Cover for Safe Storing
  • Size: 17 x 6.5 cm / 6.7 x 2.5 inch



Easily, the most helpful and handy kitchen mate you could possibly ask for! Now, you can make the daily chore of cutting, chopping, and slicing small fruits and vegetables the fastest and easiest task you do in the kitchen all day!


blus baby boutique grape cutter



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