Brushy - Toothbrush for Kids

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Brushing Teeth was never as much fun as it is with BRUSHY!

Amongst a million different key skills and key mechanics, parents must teach their kids, we all know the importance of dental hygiene. Teaching proper dental hygiene could be a particularly stressful task!

But not with BRUSHY!


BRUSHY motivates and encourages brushing teeth. Its unique three-bristle design was created for children, with the consideration of the size and the rubber surrounding, which protects and cares for your child's gums and provides a healthy smile. 


With its built-in timer, the toothbrush vibrates every 30 seconds, dividing the mouth and teeth into four parts. The built-in timer lasts for 2 minutes, covering every part of the mouth. 

BRUSHY uses Sonicare technology and works at 32000 Micro-brushes per second. This technique sweeps away cavity-causing plaque and cleans your child's teeth. 

BRUSHY is equipped with 5 speed levels. The settings enable your child to get used to sonic technology, and therefore gradually move to higher levels of use, for more efficient cleaning. 

BRUSHY is also IPX7 WATERPROOF, which means, that it can be washed and cleaned, please do not submerge BRUSHY, as that could damage it! 

BRUSHY is the world's first USB rechargeable, three-sided sonic toothbrush designed especially for kids who strongly dislike scrubbing their chompers.




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