Baby Tooth Box

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Words "My tooth is loose!" coming from your child's mouth for the first time definitely represent a memorable moment and a huge milestone in his/her life. This Baby Tooth Box will help you organize your little one's teeth and preserve precious memories for years to come.



Children's first teeth are known to have stem cells (core body cells that can transform into any specialized cells). No other part of the body can replicate them. Stem cells can be used later in the child's life to treat various diseases or injuries very effectively and potentially save their life.

The box has 20 small compartments for teeth and 2 bigger ones meant for lanugo (birth hair) and part of the umbilical cord (if you wanted to store those).

It's made out of high-quality and eco-friendly pinewood material, available in Boy or Girl variant. The size of the box is 12 x 11.5 x 3 cm.


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