Baby Bibs

Move over old standard bibs - Bandana Bibs are the new trend of your stylish babies!

blus baby bandana bibs blus baby bandana bibs


Drooling, burping and food all over your baby's clothes and skin is something that we simply can't avoid. These stylish Bandana Baby Bibs will protect your child from dribble rashes and chaffed skin, without them even feeling that they have anything around their neck. Plus, it will look like a part of their trendy outfit! These bibs are superior to many of the other bibs on the market and yet priced less.


Why you and your baby will love Blu's Baby Bibs

♡ Great for babies who are teething or dribbling a lot, because they look like items of clothing, rather than bibs.

♡ Because they sit rather high on the neck, they absorb a lot more dribble than an ordinary bib would.

♡ They are difficult for the baby to remove because they tie around the back of the neck.


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Baby Bib's Quick Check-List

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One size, adjustable with buttons fits babies between 3 to 15 kg, or up to 3 years old.

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Bibs can be used over and over again without worries.

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Cruelty - Free 

No animals were harmed in the production of these Baby Bibs.
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Baby Bibs do not contain any animal products.


Washed normally at 30°C (86 °F).